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What Does an Erdogan Supporter Think?

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Paranoid ideas of the text proves us the success of Neo-Ottoman propaganda. This article is a great example to understand the mindset of a typical Erdogan supporter.

Milliyet is one of the oldest and most popular newspapers in Turkey. It is founded in 1950 and they sell close to 150,000 copies a day. Their website is visited probably a million times every day. Without doubt, Milliyet is under huge influence of ruling party AKP and Erdogan. Most of the news are manipulated via censorship and some critical news are actually not even broadcasted (Please remember Gezi Park). However, Milliyet and similar mass media organs still continue to shock the sane majority of Turkish readers. Translated text below is written by a Milliyet Blog author and since it must’ve been found quite interesting by the editors of the newspaper, the article has been delivered to thousands of readers via newsletters. Paranoid ideas of the text proves us the success of Neo-Ottoman propaganda. This article is a great example to understand the mindset of a typical Erdogan supporter. 

Title: Turkey is Playing Big

It seems Turkey started to play really big.


By bombing Syria and YPG which will be the swamp of the World.

With who?

Certainly, with Turkish Army and maybe also with the Islam Army which was secretly established…

Against who are we fighting or will be fighting?

Those who wish to share Syria, who is outside of Islam and anyone who has crusader mentality…

Who is with us?

Actually, rather than asking who is with us, we should ask who is missing. Except Algeria, Umman, Iraq and Iran, 34 other Muslim armies are included in this ally.

Iran preferred to be ally of the Communist Army rather than the Islam Army. (What kind of Muslim are they?) And the situation of Algeria, Umman and Iraq is obvious. They have no power to fight and they also look like pro-American.

We started to witness the first signs of the Islam Ally. Finally, some Muslim countries might have woken up… It seems tough, but inshallah they will.

Saudis sent their jet planes to the Incirlik Base (A military base of USA in Eastern Turkey)…

Who got scared?

Of course, Russia and USA… EU is also in trouble. Maybe this secret alliance was discovered by US, British and Israel intelligence, but they have been too late to stop it. They couldn’t stop it.

Who will be disappointed?

Firstly Iran… (What kind of Muslim are they?)

What happened?

Even two rival enemies, USA and Russia, agreed for a compromise. (And they did it yesterday) Crusader mentality decided to unite in emergency.

What will be the outcome?

Anything can happen. (Maybe 3rd World War. This time ‘inception engineers’ will not succeed).

Who will lose after this conflict?

From now on, Iran and Russia should consider their interests smarter. (Also Turkey) If you are the candidate to become a big state, then you should play the game big.

Is that all? (Impossible)

No… Because Turkey is not like any other country and Turkish public not like any other society at all. Yes, Turkey set the game big and she is still playing. There might be a war or not, but the message is delivered…

(Source: Milliyet Blog)

Unfortunately, today's Turkey is not much different than George Orwell's masterpiece, 1984.

Sercan Leylek / OSLO