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Welcome Natalia! The Polish version's new assistant

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inside cafébabel

The central cafébabel newsroom in Paris recently welcomed a new team member: Natalia Kuc, who will be working alongside our Polish Editor for the next six months. We bring you an exclusive interview, including long walks around the off-licence store with Italo Calvino and some serious offenses on the part of the International Astronomical Union.

cafébabelWhat were you doing the week before you came to Paris?

Natalia: I was in Warsaw, binge watching TV series and telling myself I should probably pack my bags.

cafébabel: Before that?

Natalia: I described works of art for those who have impaired vision. I am a translator as well as writing audio descriptions.

cafébabelWhat do you have in common with cafébabel?

Natalia: The view that you might find something interesting everywhere you look, if you try hard enough.

cafébabelAnd with Frédéric Chopin?

Natalia: The ability to play violin, my unhealthy obsession with the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition and the fact I worked at the Chopin museum in Paris.

cafébabelIf you could choose a nationality other than Polish, what would it be?

Natalia: I’d want to be Canadian. Spectacular nature, great social insurance system. I’d even be ready to face the accent and their culinary speciality: poutine. Though I have to admit that, personality wise, I’m closer to your stereotypical Brit.

cafébabelWhere would we find you on a typical Friday night?

Natalia: In a bar. Probably one with sticky floors.

cafébabelYour favourite book? A film that you hate?

Natalia: Recently it’s Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. I love bad films and watch them all the time, but I think I’ve never been more bored than during a showing of Avatar.

cafébabelWould you rather take a walk in the Warsaw’s Łazienki Park or make an expedition to a 24 hour off-licence?

Natalia: First I’d raid the store, then I’d break into the park. You don’t have to pick one or the other.

cafébabelWhat’s your favourite planet?

Natalia: Personally, I was deeply offended by the decision to rob Pluto of its planetary status.

cafébabelWhat can you tell us about Poland?

Natalia: Given the current situation in the country, the less I say the better.

cafébabel: What’s your mission for the next six months at cafébabel?

Natalia: To save the world and stuff.

Translated from Poznajcie Natalię - wsparcie redakcyjne wersji polskiej