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Welcome Lucrezia! Intern for the Italian version

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The Italian version of cafébabel can count on an extra pair of hands during its editorial transition. 23-year-old Lucrezia is from Lecco and studied in Milan; she’ll be on an internship in the cafébabel Paris office for the next two months. Welcome!

cafébabelWhat were you doing the week before you came to Paris?

Lucrezia: Looking for a way to make my suitcase less heavy.

cafébabelBefore that?

Lucrezia: I was finishing my exams – thinking of Paris all the while!

cafébabelWhat brought you to cafébabel?

Lucrezia: I wanted to see if I could become a journalist! I wanted to be able to tell stories.

cafébabelIf you could choose a nationality other than Italian, what would it be?

Lucrezia: Probably Greek. I've always liked the beach...

cafébabelWhere would we find you on a typical Friday night?

Lucrezia: In a Parisian bar with some friends. The same in Italy, to be honest!

cafébabelYour favourite book? A film that you hate?

Lucrezia: Dino Buzzati, but don’t force me to choose one in particular! And I can’t deal with horror films; I never make it through to the end!

cafébabelOne good thing about not being in Italy right now? One bad thing?

Lucrezia: Being in Paris and doing tonnes of new things! Though I would have liked to be able to bring all my friends in my suitcase…

cafébabelWhat’s your favourite planet?

Lucrezia: Saturn, I think that’s the most interesting.

cafébabel: What’s your mission for the next two months at cafébabel?

Lucrezia: To write loads! And to not think that about what I will do two months from now…

Translated from Benvenuta Lucrezia, stagista per la versione italiana di cafébabel