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Image for 'We want a government!' Faces of Belgium protest (10 images)

'We want a government!' Faces of Belgium protest (10 images)

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Between 35, 000 (according to the police) and 45, 000 (according to the protestors) people came out onto the streets of Brussels on 23 January to call for an exit to the crisis of their country. Organisers pressurised for the creation of a federal government whilst its participants clamoured for a united country. Belgium hasn't had a government since April 2010

23 January, Brussels

Grey skies, light rain, it's a Sunday like any other in Brussels. But it's never been as packed out on the streets of the Belgian capital. Tricoloured flag-draped Belgians are everywhere as far as the eye can see (Image: ©Nikolas Konstantin)

Hearts on sleeves

The organisers allegedly didn't want a nationalistic theme to define the protest but that didn't stop Belgians from draping themselves in their colours (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Kickoff: Gare du Nord, 1pm

People aged seven to seventy-seven set the mood for the afternoon's protest (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Make some noise

Students, workers, the unemployed, Flemish and French speakers regardless, pounded the pavements as they cried 'We want a government!' or 'Belgium united!' (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

'Not in our name'

Pas en notre nom is a platform against nationalism (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Metro station Art-Loi

This pensioner explains he is here today because he is 'fed up. We have to show that we are here and that we want a government. They say we're not the only ones - there was Iraq for example - but what a comparison! Nor are we at war either!'  (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Future Belgians

Maxence and Eva from Brussels have reported on the event in French in the blogpost 'Manifestation pour la formation d'un gouvernement : "Nous ne sommes tout de même pas en guerre !' (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Federalism equals separatism

'Welcome to Brussels, a multicultural region where everyone feels at home' (Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Future Flemish?

(Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Or future Walloons?

(Image: © Nikolas Konstantin)

Translated from Belgique(s) : visages de l'unité (10 photos)