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Image for Want to know more about Solutions Journalism? Join us!

Want to know more about Solutions Journalism? Join us!

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Cafébabel is organising several Solutions Journalism workshops across Europe to aspiring reporters, students and young journalists. Free and open to all young Europeans, the objective is how solutions journalism can shed new lights on how European projects are implemented on the ground!

Ahoy, ahoy, we have a great opportunity for young Europeans in Slovenia, Ireland and Slovakia!

Babel International the publisher of Café teamed up with the Association of European Regions to implement the YOUTHopia project. This project, funded by the European Commission, aims why the methodology of solutions journalism to shed new lights and perspectives on how we could report and communicate on local projects funded by the European Union.

One of the activity of YOUTHopia is to propose a free training on solutions journalism where young Europeans interested in journalism, young reporters or European activities can learn and experiment in four days about the basics of solutions journalism and how the European Union is funding local and regional projects.

Those workshops will take place from mid-May to early July 2023. They will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Maribor (Slovenia), Donegal (Ireland) and Kosice (Slovakia). All the dates are in the form just below

At the end of the training, participants are expected to produce their own social media stories, like a Tiktok report. The best reports will be published on Cafébabel's own Tiktok page!

10 to 15 participants will be trained per sessions. Participants are expected to attend the entire four days. While participants are expected to produce their stories in the languages they want, the training will be provided in English.

But languages should not be an issue! The training is made for participants with a B1/B2 level.

"I'm interested, what should I do?"

It is very simple! You just need to fill this form!

We will accept new registrations on a rolling basis. Any question? you can email our editor Quentin:

Wait, what is solutions journalism? And why it matters?

Solutions Journalism is a journalistic methodology focusing on responses to social and environmental issues as well as the problems. With this methodology, reporters are guiding their audiences on how, for instance, local projects implemented by public authorities, NGOs or companies are tackling social and environmental issues.

The goal of this journalistic approach is to provide to readers, viewers and listeners a more complete view of these issues, helping audiences to be active citizens.

As journalism is now at cross-road between the rise of social media platforms or disinformation, this reporting methodology aims at also re-connecting journalists with their audiences.

Solutions journalism is a tool for many media outlets -- especially local and regional media -- on how they could innovate for building trusts with their readers.

What will you do during those 4 days?

We have three different moments:

Day 1: The basics of solutions journalism, its philosophy, case studies.

Day 2: Case studies with concrete examples from EU-funded projects and how to find solutions journalism in your community/area.

Day 3/4: Dedicated and personalised mentoring of the participants from finding their stories to how to shoot short videos tailored for social media.

See you pretty soon!

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