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Videos: Bottle of vodka for the fallen Kaczynskis

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Dutch MP Pier Anne Nawijn dancing, that Bush-Merkel massage and Finnish MP Alexander Stubb fights for vodka in the European parliament

Dutch party on the beach

Pier Anne Nawijn, former member of Dutch parliament, sings and dances away the years in a tournament on Volley beach, with the fifteen year olds celebrating in high spirits. A round of applause for Pier for taking part in a something that is such a waster of energy

Having fun their way

Parliament of Aragon (Spain), September 2007. The first, and last, appearance in chambers for MP Isabel Tervel as the Socialist Education Spokeswoman. Ten very surreal minutes. Isabel starts speaking to the president with 'Yes, my dear, whatever you want'

Bush massages Merkel

We all know that George W. Bush is a real laugh but was our Texan friend thinking that he had not got the point across to Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, during the last G8 Summit in Russia in July 2006? You do not need to do any more than see the look on her face when Bush crossed the room and put his hands on her shoulders to massage her back

A beer to get you through the bad times

We suppose that after the gestures towards Angie, our dear Bush should be able to get through the rough times, and nothing will help iron out their differences than an ice cold beer. Wait just a moment George; haven’t you had a few problems in the past with the bottle? Or was it biscuits? Whichever one it is that you desire more, hang in there and don’t suffer another relapse!

Vodka creates strange partnerships in chambers

The incombustible Finnish MP Alexander Stubb, from the European Popular Party, defended vodka in the European parliament. The Finn wants vodka to have the same legal recognition as rum or gin and not be considered as an inferior drink. After all, they know what they are talking about: 7 countries produce 70% of the world’s production of vodka and these 7 countries also drink 70% of all vodka made.

After admitting that he is not a big fan of the Kaczynski brothers (former premier and presidents) of Poland, Stubb goes on to say that they have done a great job defending vodka and is considering sending them a bottle as a token of his appreciation to see if they would soften their stance on the European constitution; they declined

Old glories that never die

If we can talk about the jokes that are politicians, it is obvious that sooner or later we would have to talk about our beloved Berlusconi, the maestro, the one and only, the inimitable. Here Silvio, in his usual manner, salutes a friendly Italian municipal police, with a grand display of affection. A tampered video, that for a long time had internet viewers watching it, albeit with a pinch of scepticism

Photo homepage: (Shasta MacNasty/ Flickr)

Translated from Vídeos: pon un político con vodka en tu fiesta