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Video: 'Making of' 'Babel Ackademy' Istanbul 2010

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Every two years mutters what the heck, let's break out of this virtual world and actually hang out with our collaborators. Thanks to some kind project funding are able to invite High Representatives of local teams, writers and even a photographer to our 'summer ackademies'.

This year the 'Babel Ackademy' was an autumn one, and in the auspices of a certain enticing city called Istanbul. All the more appropriate, since we used the occasion not only to have pan-European hugs and cultural clashes with our fellow networkers across this shiny happy citizen media, but also to launch two important projects we're running this and next year - Orient Express Reporter (OER) and Green Europe On The Ground (Green EOTG, currently recruiting journalists for Brussels in December). In honour of OER, which will span eight Balkan cities starting in Sarajevo this week (!), we were able to invite a new Balkan network of babelians, drawn from our strengths and sources from as far wide as Banja Luka-Paris to Zagreb via Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje and Prishtina...

Contact us if you have any questions! For OER, for Green EOTG