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Image for Twitter feed: reactions to Steve Jobs death

Twitter feed: reactions to Steve Jobs death

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The CEO of Apple was without a doubt the biggest genius of the last decade. He passed away after suffering from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 over the night of 6 October. Social networks such as facebook and twitter have overflooded with 2.0 tributes

There are some days when one man can grab the attention of the whole world. In a promotional video from 1997, Apple defined ‘genius’ as being ‘the ones who are crazy enough to change the world - and the ones who do’. Images of the likes of Picasso, Hitchcock, Muhammed Ali and Gandhi provide a backdrop to the all-American voiceover.

From twitter, we’ve popped a short ‘timeline’ of the day’s reaction from European medias:

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Image: main (cc) Great Beyond/ Flickr; video (cc) dogtownmac/ youtube

Translated from iDead, Steve Jobs et les réseaux sociaux : rien que pour sa pomme