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Turkish Government's Hypocrisy

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From Paris March to Banning Charlie Hebdo Cartoons. Two opposite actions, one government.

Jan 11th: Prime Minister Davutoglu joins the rally in Paris with world leaders for the sake of Charlie Hebdo.

Jan 13th: Turkish Newspaper, Cumhuriyet, announces distributing the latest Charlie Hebdo Magazine.

Jan 14th: The Police organizes a harsh investigation at Cumhuriyet's facilities before the sunrise.

Jan 14th: The Ministry of Justice declares that the websites which publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons will be banned by the afternoon.

Jan 14th: Late in the night, more than 50 Radical Islamists surround the newspaper Cumhuriyet's Building and yell out: "We are all Kouachi brothers!"

This is the log book of Turkish Government in last 4 days. It starts in Paris with the march of the Prime Minister and ends up yelling "We are all Kouachi brothers!"

Maybe, nobody should be shocked with these updates. It was clear since the first moment. After the march, President Hollande started to shake hands with all leaders and he kissed each leader except one person. Hollande's body language and short message is clear: "You are not welcome here."

Also, there are rumours which indicate that Turkish PM Davutoglu was not diplomatically invited to this march. (1)

On 13th of January, Turkey's prestigious newspaper Cumhuriyet announces that they will distribute a limited edition of latest Charlie Hebdo magazine.

On 14th of January, Cumhuriyet's printing facilities are searched and the trucks loaded with Charlie Hebdo magazine were stopped. (2) In the afternoon, The Ministry of Justice declares that the websites which publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons will be banned. After a few hours, the radical islamists surround the newspaper building with slogans (3).

The future of Cumhuriyet Newspaper is still unclear.

Sercan Leylek / OSLO