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Top 10 blogs in October

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inside cafébabel

It took me a while to get down to it- but here it is, finally! What you've all been waiting for: the top 10 countdown. I apologize to those who have been silently waiting for this moment of truth, i.e. to find out whether Eurotik was booted out of the #1 spot.

Prune's front layout Maybe la Parisienne, with its hip agendas would have done the trick.The Poetry blog with its 5 linguistic versions surely attracts a large number of word lovers. Not to mention Adriano's eurogeneration counting us his trip to DC. Others would have bet on the Vilnius blog and its unstoppable team.

Ladies and Gentlemen- I kid you not - Eurotik is still # 1. Some will argue that it's partly (mostly?) because it attracts the porn-driven google searchers. But the blogosphere has spoken: Eurotik was already nominated for a "sausage" prize by the well-established German news agency Deutsche Welle (see post "Andouille périmée".

Top 10 countdown in October!


2. Eurogeneration

3. Poetry

4. Paris

5. Coffeefactory

6. Vilnius

7. Bruxelles

8. Strasbourg

9. Mêlée ouverte

10. Linéa