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Three topics: undeclared work, voting in Afghanistan, blog about Vilnius

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Very briefly, because, unfortunately, I don't have much time. I discovered this rather old, pre-crisis statistical publication by Eurostat on undeclared work in the EU. These figures must have grown due to the crisis, but they are quite challenging in themselves, as such countries like Sweden or Belgium rank very high.

People tend to buy CDs, DVDs, computers, clothes, furniture and other goods, get house cleaning or care for children or the elderly services on the black market. Many of the buyers are managers, other white collar employees or the self-employed. Most people purchase black market goods or services due to lower price and faster service. Remember my post about unofficial payments in a restaurant?


As the process of counting the ballots proceeds in Afghanistan, there is evidence of fake polling stations - the scale of fraud is unimaginable. A wonderful democracy they have installed in this war-torn country, no?


I found a new blog a bit similar to mine: