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The Top 10 countdown in March 2008

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What were the news from the Babelblogs in March? If you want to know everything, have a look to the blogs reviews, published on every two weeks. But what about the countdown??? 1 – It’s now like a tradition: Paris is on the top of the Babel Universe. Since February, you can also read theirs articles in Spanish: http://paris.cafebabel.

com/es With five languages versions, the Paris blog is one of the most translated Babelblog.

2- In the countdown since a while, but for the first time at this place, Istanbul is the new number 2 : the newbie in the fight for the first place. With the new german version, they rock the debate between Turkey and Germany.

3- The Culture Touch! Poetry, the blog for all the beautiful words’ lovers! Is it proving that European people have some cultural points in common?

4- The blog which is talking about us…Eurogeneration! Since two weeks, you can find an Erasmus City Guide on Budapest and Portsmouth.

5- Is it a French city or an European City? Anyway, the problem is not there: Strasbourg is number 5, and gives to us some news from our Parliament. Love it!

6- Eurotik.

7- Bruxelles.

8- Berlin.

9- Sevilla

10- Budapest

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