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The Migrant Journey

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Second Home

Photos by Attilio Fiumarella

Emigration has always had many faces. Nowadays it affects the most unexpected ones.In Portugal, high qualified young people, ready to work and willing to build a career, are leaving the country. Maria is one of the thousands of the competent workforce whose country cannot hold anymore.Maria has always been more a realistic than a dreamer so, when the time came to choose a degree, she decided to do pharmaceutical sciences, considering its high employability and her deap interest in health. Indeed she got a job right after she finished her degree and just before the work conditions started to worsen, to a point where she couldn't afford an independent life anymore. Suddenly, her future was beyond borders. Accepting it, she went abroad in the slowest possible way: a road trip towards England. The journey was long, and it felt like everything ahead was a huge foggy mass. Once she arrives, she faces a hard time looking for a place to live and dealing with bureaucratic issues.Now Maria has started the PhD programme she has been granted, which will ensure her a future, for the next four years.

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