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Image for The magnetism of Paul Magnette: the rebel of Wallonia

The magnetism of Paul Magnette: the rebel of Wallonia

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Lara Bullens


He’s the talk of Europe: in blocking the free-trade treaty CETA with Canada at all costs, Paul Magnette put himself and his Wallonian parliament directly in the spotlight. In defending himself as “the anti-globalist herald,” the Minister-President of the French-speaking Wallonia is definitely the man of the hour. Here is our portrait in 10 points. 

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Magnette's opinion on CETA, in one paragraph:

"A mandate was given in 2009. A mandate of about 20 pages. One that solidified the markers and the direction [of the CETA treaty, Ed.]. Between 2009 and 2015 the Commission has negotiated in name of the European Union, it is their duty, but they barely ever provided a report. Nor do they give any information on what exactly these negotiations are. So we got to 2015 and said: 'Hello, there you go, it’s finished.' And then those 20 pages became 1600 pages. And now, we ask you all to say 'Amen.' Well, no, that’s exactly what doesn’t work."


Taken from his intervention the 16 October 2016 with the Wallonian Parliament, in Namur. 

Translated from Le magnétisme de Paul Magnette