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The local team of the summer: Paris

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This is it, after years of sleep, La Parisienne - Cafébabel's Paris local team is back in action! And because we have to start by presenting them a little, we took the opportunity to capture them in our favourite spots in Paris.

salomeSalomé. "Strasbourg-Saint-Denis: the world, noise, life in short. For me, it's probably one of the most evocative places of Paris."

jeremieJérémie. "La coulée verte (The green corridor): unusual, air, green, bucolic, discovery, fun, timeless, underground, wild, cool, travel, and even a little fun."

liseLise"Perched up there, I imagine what lies beneath these zinc roofs. I like the idea that these roofs cover different worlds that can evade radars. Beyond the metro-work-sleep pattern that sticks to the skin of the capital, there is an energy that makes you want to go out, to discover, to meet new people ... in short, to live."

jeanmarcelJean Marcel"For me, the Wallaces fountains are a symbol of my town: almost 2.7m tall, deep green, essential Parisian street furniture, they flourish harmoniously in the landscape, between trees and Haussmann buildings, a reassuring presence for those strolling the city streets for nearly 150 years."

joseJosé"Paris is a showcase. The city where everything is done for show, because there is only watching and being watched, in a town both beautiful and cruel. Even the terraces contribute. It is often said that this is because of the narrow sidewalks that we lack space in this huge city of over two million people. I do not believe it. The French, for me, with my Spanish immigrant eyes, have a special taste for beauty and harmony, a taste that is appreciated in small details, those that make a city or a country a special place. To show you ... you hide."

heleneHélène. "The subway, its peak, its moments of grace, its cars loaded with workers or tired revellers in the early morning, its tagged windows, white tiles, its Art Nouveau mouths, long corridors and its shortcuts, the pink bunny with its good advice on the doors of the carriages, it's the real face of Paris, a syndrome."

laurenceLaurence. "A sleepy spot."

antoineAntoine"Arriving in Paris for the first time, I was happily surprised to find this street, which has no less than three art cinemas to check out: 'The Champo', 'The Reflecting Medicis' and' The Film Library of the Latin Quarter '. You can see (or see again)  recent movies, covers of classics, masterpieces as well as more confidential films. And on the right hand side, we can discuss among moviegoers with a drink at the bar 'The Reflection'. For me, the Champollion street is with the French Cinémathèque, the Mecca of Parisian film lovers. "

Translated from L'équipe de l'été : Paris