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The Eargasmic Playlist of the Week

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May; the month of bank holidays and sun rays. It's that time of year when you remember how goddamn good life is. Here's a playlist to really ram the point home. Turn on, tune in, drop out. 

So let's kick things off with a bit of folk from Sweden. José Gon­za­lez – Killing for Love

And why not continue with some tropical afro-punk from Switzerland? Or­chestre tout puis­sant Mar­cel Du­champ - It loo­ked shor­ter on the map 

And now to get down to to some afrobeat from Italy. Mop Mop feat. Fred Wes­ley & An­thony n Jo­seph - Run Around

Who would have thought that a little bit of trance from France could bring you so much pleasure? Lakay - Chil­lom

Not soaring high yet? This psychedelic dub from England will have you flying high. OTT – Smo­ked Glass and Chrome

A little detour to Bulgaria., Kot­ta­ra­shky & The rain dogs – De­moni

And back to England and the majestic Mount Kim­bie – Made to stray

How about a Norwegian eargasm? Todd Terje - Strand­bar

Arabesque techno from France. Acid arab feat. Avril & Shadi Khrie – Sa­mira

Cut your mind's moorings and float away with 20 minutes of techno. Trau­mer – Ma­rion

And now it's time to say good by with some garage rock from Switzerland. Adieu Gary Co­oper – Peur

Translated from La playlist planante de la semaine