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Tel Aviv: where you hear 'meow' more often than 'hello'

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I still can't stop being amazed at how many cats are here in Tel Aviv. Apparently, there is a story to explain it. Attn: The collection of cats is being periodically updated! Cats usually come and go. The cat we have at home is also only half-domestic. Neighbour's cat tried to get into our balcony today.

One other cat was scratching the balcony window in hope to be let into my bedroom - how is that? When I ignored it, it managed to jump at the handle, and the next time I woke up, it was right near my bed. Dogs are sometimes afraid of these arrogant and impudent cats. It feels like everywhere you step there are three cats jumping out of your way (or expecting you to jump out of their way). I'm afraid I'll soon lose all my love for cats that I used to have.

This one is at the Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

This one is resting on university stairs.

This one found a good hideout

This one hangs out on the campus and demands food

This one thinks that it's people who should be begging for attention, not him.

This one is trying to burgle into my room from the balcony. I'm proud of this photo because it looks like a painting.

Apparently, the story goes that at some point there were too many rats in Tel Aviv. So there was a campaign to bring cats in so that they catch the rats. It was successful, but cats have also eaten out certain birds and other small animals. Tel Aviv needs dogs now, or other cat-eaters :D The municipality services catch some cats and castrate them so that they at least don't multiply. Doesn't solve the problem apparently.

Cat lovers, rush to Tel Aviv!