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Image for TechCrunch Europas Awards 22 European Startups for 2010

TechCrunch Europas Awards 22 European Startups for 2010

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Elina Makri


Source: The Next Women TechCrunch’s Europas, European Startup Awards, were held last Friday 31 floors high, in the heart of London. Over 350 investors and entrepreneurs paid to attend the evening event that announced winners across 23 different categories, over wine, beer and traditional English cuisine; bangers & mash.

The hundreds of Finalists were previously selected by techCrunch readers through over 33,000 online votes, and further reviewed by a panel of eight judges, mostly from VC background, including Lea Bajc of Northzone Ventures, Sonali de Rycker of Accel and Avid Larizadeh, former Accel turned founder of

Here are the 2010 TechCrunch Europas winners, with judges’ comments:

1- Europas Grand Prix – Moshi Monsters

With a hockey stick of revenue coming in from membership subscriptions, the cuddly Moshi Monsters game for kids is now forecasting a further $100 million in related merchandise next year in toys, trading cards, magazines and books. This is an outstanding European startup which is proving that you can scale a company multi-nationally from Europe.

2 – Best New Startup – Flattr

Flattr is disrupting the world of online content by providing a payment mechanism which could support a just about any site. If Facebook Like is the new Digg, Flattr is the new tipjar.

3 – Best Business or Enterprise Startup – Tradeshift

Tradeshift’s free invoicing tool is disrupting the world of invoicing and has the potential to change how economies operate.

4- Best Advertising or Marketing tech Startup – Cognitive Match

With a board crammed full of academics expert in things like artificial intelligence and learning mathematics, Cognitive Match has a big future in advertising, an area which will be profoundly changed by platforms like this.

5- Best CleanTech/Environmental Tech Startup – Whipcar

Whipcar is the world’s first peer-to-peer car rental service, and as such has the potential to change the nature of car use to one which is many times more efficient and ‘green’ than it is today.

6 – Best Hardware or Gadget Startup – Maxroam SIM roaming card

By creating a SIM car anyone can use globally, and a service which cuts roaming charges, Maxroam has become the European startup entrepreneur’s SIM of choice, and deservedly so.

7 – Best Startup Founder / Co-Founders – Errol Damelin, Wonga

Few people can fail to be charmed by Errol Damelin’s boundless enthusiasm for startups, and his contribution to the scene remains strong even as he leads Wonga, which aims to revolutionise the UK’s huge consumer credit market, enabling people to manage their cash flow without the need for a long-term credit card dependency. Damelin was a unanimous choice of both the judges and the public online voting for this category.

8 – Best VC or Seed Fund – Index Ventures

Index Ventures continues to a be a strong force on the European startup scene. It’s establishment of Index Seed and work with Robin Klein at TAG has proven to be a boon to early stage entrepreneurs.

9 – Best Angel Investor – Stefan Glaenzer

As an early backer of, Stefan Glaenzer has continued his support for Europe’s startups, establishing, with Eileen Tso Burbidge and Robert Dighero, the new White Bear Yard incubator. Glaenzer’s breadth of investing across Europe, especially Germany and the UK, remains strong, and appreciated by startups. The Judges and the industry online voting were at one on this.

10 – Best Startup Advisor/Mentor – Sherry Coutu

Sherry Coutu was an early pioneer of the tech startup scene in Europe, and now, as a key driver of Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge, is also a prime mover of networking and advice to startups. Although one who’s natural instinct is to shun the limelight, Coutu is a highly respected mentor and advisor by all who meet her.

11 – Best Service Provider to Startups – Winston & Strawn / Bootlaw

Barry Vitou and Danvers Baillieu are familiar faces on the London startup scene, but unlike the average lawyers, actually began given away advice to startups via their Bootlaw workshops. And startups from across Europe have been helped by their sessions, hence their deserved win in this category.

12- Best Ongoing Startup Programme – Seedcamp

Seedcamp is perhaps the biggest pan-European startup programme to date. Starting three years ago, it’s gone on to become a massive contributor to the eco-system and now has an unrivalled network of mentors. Though others have appeared, Seedcamp was the first, and remains the one – under CEO Reshma Sohoni – the one to watch.

13 – Best Platform Startup – Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck started making sense of Twitter for ‘pro users’ only in 2008 but has since become a mainstream tool. Now aggregating a variety of social platforms, it’s extended to other devices and continues to innovate at a fast pace under CEO and founder Iain Dodsworth.

14 – Best Exit – Betfair

Betfair’s well deserved IPO was a highly on 2010 and proves that global, heavyweight startups can originate from Europe.

15 – Best European Startup Tool For Startups – Codility

Codility is now the tool of choice for startups interviewing and filtering engineers across Europe – a well deserved award.

16 – Best European Web Application Or Service – Spotify

One of the most original startup in the world today, Spotify continues to attract debate. But one thing is clear – its users are hugely passionate about the service and it has the potential to completely change the music industry. Its European status is also assured, but it’s not stopping here on its path to attempt global domination. Definitely one to watch.

17 – Best Mobile Startup – Layar

In a short space of time Layar has become a by-word for augmented reality on mobile and in creating a platform for other to innovate on Layar is well positioned for the future.

18 – Best Entertainment, Sport or Leisure Startup – Fanduel

Having though deeply about fantasy games, the old HubDub team pivoted into sports and came up with Fanduel. They now have a smash hit on their hands. At the same time they are proving that you can run a startup that looks like it’s from the US, when in fact it’s from Europe.

19 – Best Learning Startup – Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters are teaching kids via their cute cuddly creatures online and now turning into a global educational brand, with the virality of a Disney movie and the educational ethics of the world’s best teachers.

20 – Best Music Startup – Soundcloud

A platform which has been described as the Twitter of Facebook for Music, Soundcloud has scaled in Europe and is now assaulting the US market.

21 – Best Video Startup – Brainient

Brainient is at the leading edge of video advertising innovation, building tools that help agencies turn existing video ads into interactive experiences. Another one to watch in Europe.

22 – Best Social Innovation Startup – Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best is handing the control of health care back to the people that matter the most – the patients. The judges felt that this was a laudible way to change society for the beter.

23 – Best Commerce Startup – Wahanda

Assembling the world’s biggest database of spas, Wahanda is taking on the biggest players and disrupting in a huge niche. It’s further innovating with offers for its community. If Amazon had wanted to ‘do’ health and beauty, this is the way they would have done it.

To read the full list of Highly Recommended and other finalists, visit the TechCrunch website.