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Sphera is a collective of independent media making videos for young people today. We talk about life as it is: complex and full of the shared topics that affect us all. Whether you care about the climate, new technologies or what just the future has in store on all fronts, we are the media for you. Everyday, we provide you with short videos to take stock of what's happening around the continent.

What follows is a collection of thematic showcases related to topics such as: the future of work, ecological transition, migration, mobility, digital technology, economy, inequality and discrimination.

Each thematic showcase, portrays the videos produced by different Sphera media partners on a given European topic.

The future of work

Ecological transition



Digital technology


Inequality and discrimination

Sphera is a collaborative platform between the following partners: Cafébabel, Are We Europe (EN), Outriders (PL), Metropole (AT), Bulle Media (FR), StreetPress (FR), El Salto (ES), and Linkiesta (IT).

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