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Sign for an elected president of European commission in 2009 !

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Maitre Sinh


this is my very first post in english..and it may be the last (as my english is quite basic ;). But the situation is serious enough to take the risk of being a bit ridiculous !

As i've been talking yet about it into some french and spanish posts: the europeans elections of 2009 are the oportunity to make europe definitvely strongest and based on people decisions, without passing throught inter-states negociations.

The idea was from Jacques delors, and it's simple : in a democratic system, the president is elected by the parliament. And it should be the same for the EU.

The initiative is spreading all over europe, and there is now a petition.

Please take a minute to sign in, and spread it again as much as you can. It's not late yet to make it reality.