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Shocking news from Lithuanian media scene

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Another shock from Lithuania. The editor in chief of one of the leading national dailies, the Respublika, who has already become famous for his ridiculous publication on "the two groups which can never be criticised - Jews and gays" some years ago, has started a fight with the editor in chief of the alternative, but right-wing Catholic web portal,

The latter issued a compaint against the former (Mr. Tomkus) addressed for the Journalist ethic commission, pointing at Tomkus' homophobic and anti-semitic public statements. The response from Tomkus would make everyone with at least some brain inside their sculls to throw up. It was published not in the Respublika, but in its tabloid sister-newspaper Vakaro zinios, owned by the same consortium (probably in order to protect the unrepairable reputation of the Respublika). Being totally unable to address the arguments of Mr. Navickas, the editor of the portal, Tomkus instead chooses to make ridiculous statements about his body, complexion and illnesses, calling Mr. Navickas by a word supposedly typical for gays to address each other (meaning something like 'sweetie') and saying that Mr. Navickas was 'over-fed by [famous millionaire and supporter of capitalist transformation in Eastern Europe George] Soros'.

This is really out of this world! I can't believe it!