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Shine a light : The Cafébabel mini series about migration

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In light of the upcoming European elections of May 2019, migration is a very important topic of discussion. It has also been at the forefront of Cafébabel’s agenda. We partnered with the Nordic Youth Media Days, to help youngsters from Nordic countries understand migration . Two of our journalists flew to Stockholm for 5 days where they helped young people interested in journalism, report stories on migration in an accurate manner.

Migration is a topic that is gaining more and more international attention. In a globalised world everyone sees it and is impacted by it. Therefore, to shine a light on the different identities of migrants, it is essential for us to have responsible discussion.

During the Nordic Youth Media Days 2019 in Stockholm, young people from all over Nordic countries, came together to learn about creating media and report on migration in a responsible manner. During the meeting which lasted for a week, more than 50 young people created groups to produce different stories on migration.

One such group from our project was, Shine a Light. It sheds light on the stories of LGBTQ+ people, refugees and migrants. We wanted to show that migrants are not a monolith and cannot be talked about in such a manner.

We created a three part mini documentary, about three people who shared their story with us. A gay Ugandan drag queen, a trans Muslim Syrian and a trans queer Russian. They told us about their identity and the hardships they faced after coming to the Nordic countries and starting from nothing.

Inas Hamdan, Laura Forsén and Vy Tram created this documentary to highlight the stories of those whose voices are not heard. They said, "If we are to speak about the topic of migration, we need to understand it better. We hope you enjoy our project and shine your light in your own life to showcase your unique identity.

We want to thank all our interviewees and the NPAs seminar's organisers and the editor Agnes Hansius".

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