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Riots in Sweden: Malmö is burning

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Rosengården, a district of the Swedish city of Malmö, is well known for its social problems (and the former home of Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Protests spilled over into violence on Wednesday after the owner of a building in Rosengard housing an Islamic cultural centre and a mosque chose to use the space for other purposes.

Centre workers moved out peacefully and handed over the keys, but a group of youths decided to camp in the basement. Police officers were told to remove them, sparking protests and violent clashes all over Rosengården. The situation got worse when rioters seem to have received help for various autonomous left wing groups.

Rosengård brinner 2008

So far there have been five arrests, and the riots seem to calm down this evening.

Sweden has seen this types of riots before in city sections dominated by immigrants. It is a dangerous cocktail of extreme political opinions, in combination with alienation and a society that is closed in many respects that Sweden needs to solve.

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