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Revisiting Budapest after a year

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I'm in Budapest, and it's really enjoyable to be here in summer and have my very limited knowledge of the Hugarian language rushing back to me. The crisis landscape is the same as in Lithuania - every fourth window or so says "kiado" (for rent).

I've seen only two homeless people so far, at the first try I met a Hungarian speaking very good English as I looked for a ticket office, and Hungarians are NOT making out in public anymore, and there is a strange statue near the CEU. Some things change, and some don't. Also, there's a new Hummus bar on Oktober 6 utca, which is convenient for students. Hummus bar is where foreigners look for good vegetarian food and nice services, as it's not inscribed in the faces of the staff there that they hate the job. Aviad, and Israeli expat and the person who used to run the first Hummus bar, is now in the new one, he's cool just because his name is exactly like my name read backwards, but what makes him even cooler is that with some effort he can remember people who frequented the place a year ago :)

Somehow the city looks lively, vibrant and relaxed, more than before.