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Retrograde Vision!

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Flavien Deltort, assistant in the European Parliament, sees a retrograde vision in Sarkozy's view of Europe: "Nicolas Sarkozy wants France to be the "first" Nation State of Europe; when the EU plans to move ahead, it will need France's approval before anyone else's." His inflexible stance on Turkey has no substance.

Would you really deny Turkish membership only because it lies in this thing called "Asia Minor"?

Regarding the so called mini-Treaty, I believe you cannot gloss over the NOers. The Mini Treaty looks good on paper but it's politically clumsy. It's the wrong approach. Asking the NO Voters to vote again in a referendum is a risk but it is a risk you have to take. You cannot relaunch Europe from above.

His retrograde vision extends to how France will build partnerships in the world. He stated that his first foreign visit would be with Angela Merkel, as the traditional act of French-German friendship. But what about Italy, Spain, Great Britain, or Poland, which is also a major force? You cannot restart Europe only with two, but with all the key actors.

On a more positive note, I was happy that he did mention Europe in his victory speech, even though Europe was only mentionned in the final Sego-Sarko debate for 5, or maximum 6 minutes. Hopefully, MEP Alain Lamassoure, as his Advisor on Europe, will steer him away from his retrograde vision."

Interviewed by Thomas Huddleston and Vanessa Witkowski