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Image for Quickies: 3.5 million Jews to become spaniards?

Quickies: 3.5 million Jews to become spaniards?

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Two news Quickies a day keep the doctor away

3.5 million Jews to become Spaniards?

Jewish associations estimate that 3.5 million Sephardic Jews will apply for Spanish citizenship after Spain's Justice Ministry approved a draft law which will allow them to return to the country their ancestors were ejected from in 1492. The term Sephardic comes from the Hebrew word for Spain- Sefarad.

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How many hours work for a beer?

The online news outlet Quartz has compiled a beer index which shows how many hours of work at minimum wage it takes to buy a beer in countries across the globe. Georgians have to sweat for their beer- it takes 15.1 hours of minimum wage work to buy a beer at local prices. The French have an easier time, with a beer costing 0.6 hours of minimum wage work, whilst in the US, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Canada, Belgium and Germany, a beer costs 0.4 hours work.

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