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Quick tips in Jerusalem

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Just a few quick discoveries in the Holy CityIf you're looking for souvenirs, go to 'Nashashabi Souvenirs' on Via Dolorosa 5th station 30. Same things as elsewhere, but much cheaper. Skip the Artist Colony, it's really boring. If you hope to find something like a hippie commune or expect any kind of bohemian atmosphere, you'll be twice as disappointed as we were, as we didn't expect it.

It's a place for very well-established artists to sell their work to super-rich people. There's a cute street, which I think is called Nachalat Shva, but in any case, you get there by turning left from Hilel street if you walk towards the Old Town. It has ceramic, paper art shops, etc, very pretty and quite affordable. For lunch, the vegetarian restaurant on Yafo str., I think number 33. Supreme quality organic ingredients, vegetable and dairy products, good humus, friendly multi-lingual staff. If, however, you are desperate for some pork and for some reason want to find it in the religious city of Jerusalem, I was told that you can get some at the YMCA Three Arches restaurant. Take a look at the huuuuge French consulate near the Old Town and contemplate the waste of taxpayers' money on something which works only three hours per day.