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Post Pictures on blogs!

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Dear All,

Now that the community is finally launched (a big thanks to Adriano, Simon and Oxys for making this happen!!) we need to give it some colours! Pictures add meaning to a blog in a way words can't. So don't hesitate to use pictures as much as you can- they attract the eye and often make it easier for the reader to understand the overall topic of a post or article.

I was asked by Alessandro (Budapest Blog) what the policy was on posting pictures in terms of copyrights.

You usually need to pay for posting a picture. This is why is using flickers, a photo-sharing website most of you know by now, where you have the possibility of using pictures for free.

It's simple to use:

go to the "advanced search" section make sure you tick the box "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos" once you've posted the picture, you need to put into brackets (credit photo: Author/Flickr). If the author has not left his/ her name, you simply publish his login. If you want an exemple go check out Prune's Eurotik blog.

If it's through another search engine, you need to contact the photographer and ask him or her if you can use their picture for free. Another option would be to go on Natalia's streets of Europe! If you have other ideas, please feel free to share!

No matter what, you need to upload the picture in the media manager to be able to download it onto your entry.


Looking forward to seeing LOTS of pictures!!



(credit photo: Whissquissos/ Flickr)