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Image for Pop synth traditional Istanbul (12 images)

Pop synth traditional Istanbul (12 images)

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Serbian photographer Nemanja Knezevic takes on Turkey's European capital in his traditional way: portraits of musicians flit between shots from a bustling Bosphorus metropolis

This image gallery is part of’s 2010-2011 feature focus on Green Europe; read the full set of city special editions


The Asian part of the city’s new blocks of buildings are more calm and conservative the the European side (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Kids taking pictures in front of Galata bridge - 23 April marked children's day (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

A city on seven hills

Stairs leading to Galata tower (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


View from Galata tower during the easter break (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Studio near Galata tower. Balamir Nazlica (31, compositions, lyrics, vocals) and Hatice Arici (25, backing vocals and keyboards) of Istanbul-based band Soaked, formed in 2003. The six-piece play melodic synth-pop and released an EP in 2010. Their first LP which will be released in the summer of 2011. Some two dozen of us participate in a session with other people as a test for new songs and give their opinions about compositions, arrangement, for an eventual first single (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Part one

Eating in Istanbul, part one. Small fast food restaurants in Divan Yolu street, a touristy area near the Hagia Sophia and the Sultan Ahmet (aka Blue) Mosque, the most famous Byzantine relics which stand across the street from each other (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

 B Yuzu

Hemi Behmoaras, 25, introduces me to the independent music scene in Istanbul. The photography and video student is running a small booking agency called B Yuzu which organises shows for local and foreign bands in istanbul. From time to time he DJs and works as a promoter for some bands (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Football pride

Hemi is a supporter of Galatasaray; here, kids kick the ball around at Taksim square, the main square in the city centre. Football is very important in Turkey and is most popular sport. Clubs with most supporters are Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. Ataturk Cultural Center can be seen in background (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

The founding father

Ataturk is credited with being the founder of the modern secular Turkish nation in 1920. Here, a man sells flags in front of Yeni (aka New) Mosque, which stands across the way of the Bosphorus’ waters in the Eminönü district, home to the spice market (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Yigit Bulbul, 25, (guitar, synths and vocals) is one half of the male duo PostDial, an electro band making use of various influences, including punk, dance and indie music. They have two EPs to their name. Yigit came to Istanbul to study mechanical engineering but meanwhile fell in love with the music before forming a band. His plan is to move elsewhere, probably to London where he can continue his music career (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Somewhere in the narrow streets of the Kasimpasa neighbourhood, which the current prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a native of and which is famous for its football team; though the leader of the ruling justice and development party (AKP) is a fan of Fenerbahçe FC (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Acoustic end

Levent Sevi, 25. The poet lived in Israel for three years. He runs the Long Way From Home Istanbul Acoustic Sessions project, which presents bands in short videos playing one or two songs in acoustic setup somewhere in the city. He started the initiative with a local band in November 2010, and continued with foreign bands. Pictured in front of the garage of oldest tram line in Istanbul, at the top of Istiklal street, the the main street  (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)