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New interesting cafes in Vilnius

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A small cafe, owned by a Tunisian, serves some relatively cheap shawarma and other similar Mediterranean masterpieces of simplicity. Its cosy atmosphere and nostalgic design will make it a place where you will go for lunch and take your colleagues :) One day M. suggested that we have lunch at a new fast food place on Smetonos street 3 (entrance from the courtyard).

This small cafe is owned by a Tunisian, it serves some relatively cheap shawarma and other similar Mediterranean masterpieces of simplicity :)

According to M., the best thing in this place is cedar tea. Yes, I agree, it was good. The food... Well, believe it or not, it tasted very Lithuanian to me. I expected it to be at least spicy, but then again, I don't know anything about the Tunisian cuisine. Anyway, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to everyone who wants to have relatively cheap lunch just a few steps away from Gedimino ave. and spend some time in a pleasant environment. Or at least to support this young businessman, taking up the risk of starting a business amid the crisis up here in the North. The sky-blue and white walls of the cafe, with a huge Tunisian (probably) landscape, blurred by the gloom of our Northern daylight, looked nostalgic. One could expect that the owner would play only "habibi" songs :) but in fact the music there was simply what the owner was in the mood for listening to. There were some kids who obviously came to hang out, not just grab their meal and go.

What's important is that despite its exoticism, the place looked like it really belongs here. Very well integrated into the cityscape. I'll definitely go back there again.

Another place that I saw recently is called "Wok to walk", it's on the Vilniaus street. I haven't checked it out, and some people say it's expensive. Luxury wok? Come on... Yet I really appreciate the fact that Vilnius' landscape of gastronomy is starting to resemble the big cities and gives us more options to choose from.