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Neo-nazism on the rise in Lithuania

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Yesterday an acquaintance of mine was attacked in Vilnius by two skinheads who recognised him as a participant in an anti-fa demonstration. This is a scary message, because it's not only something that is horrifying personally, but also a proof that the local neo-nazis keep track of who is going where. This guy attacked is not a public personality whose face would be known to everyone.

Apparently, the nazis collect visual material and know the faces of people who participate in at least one demo which they don't like.

Some years ago neo-nazis attacked an Italian student, mistaking him for a Muslim. I have heard from my friends that skinheads have been assaulting participants of other subcultures in various towns in Lithuania. Also, I have heard personally from two Japanese people who were attacked on the street by skinheads just out of the blue.

I really, really, really don't want to return there...