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Image for 'Mud Olympics' in Germany: 'the other olympic games' (10 images)

'Mud Olympics' in Germany: 'the other olympic games' (10 images)

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Two days after the London olympics kicked off on 29 July, the little town of 'Brunsbüttel' near the North Sea in Germany is showing the world what its own atheletes can do with its eighth edition of a rather peculiar sport


Brunsbüttel: who would ever talk about this usually calm town in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany? (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

Mudflat Olympics 2012

But 29 July saw the silence broken, as visitors from all over Germany came to take part in the Wattolümpiade or the Mudflat olympics, the dirtiest sports event the country has ever seen (Image: © Jens Wiesner)


The 'mudlethes' want to win as madly as their bigger brothers and sisters in London. Stadiums are replaced by 'mud flats' (the Watt, pronounced 'vat') of the river Elbe. The goal is to slam yourself into the mud as the 'Wattschlampe' ('Schlampe' means 'bitch' in German, but is a play on word with the word 'mud', or Schlamm - ed) did in the mud-volleyball victory (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

Mudflat football

Of course there is money to be raised in this event: all proceeds go to the region's cancer relief organisation. 150, 000 euros have been pledged so far. Other sports at the event include handball and mud-tobogganing (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

To be or not to be in the shit...

Those who don't show the sporting spirit, will be shown (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

Macho mudflats?

Mixed teams are a must in this sporting event, and people from both genders can attack the other (Image: © Jens Wiesner)


(Image: © Jens Wiesner)

'Embedded journalism' at its best

A reporter from TV station RTL gets involved (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

After the battle

Once the event is over, everyone pitches in to clean up (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

Watered down

A shower is not a prerequisite, of course (Image: © Jens Wiesner)

Translated from Höher, schneller, schmutziger als London: Wattolümpiade in Brunsbüttel