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Meet Spear: the artist giving a face to the homeless

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In his work as a painter Corentin has travelled far and wide, working on both canvas and in the street. With the exhibition 'Invisible' he decided to produce portraits of the homeless, to provide a new perspective on these women and men and to raise awareness about this social problem.

In 2017, using his pseudonym 'Spear', Corentin put on display a series of portraits of homeless people he had encountered in Brussels and elsewhere. Thanks to the exhibition he was able to raise EUR 27,000 to support local associations that help their cause. In this interview with The Artivist, Spear tells us about his motivations, his most interesting encounters and his future plans.

You can find other videos from The Artivist on our YouTube channel. This series is directed in partnership with Mr Mondialisation.

Cover photo: Joseph, painted by Spear

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Léa Marchal

Babélienne depuis 2018, je suis éditrice pour le magazine Cafébabel. Je suis également la rédactrice-en-chef du projet Generation Yerevan, co-créatrice du podcast Soupe à l'Union, et journaliste free lance dans les affaires européennes

Safouane Abdessalem

Du piano classique à la presse écrite. Pour Cafébabel, je m'intéresse particulièrement aux questions sociales, économiques et culturelles, tout en gardant un œil sur la politique étrangère. Biculturel, binational & bidouilleur.

Translated from Spear : l'artiste qui met des visages sur le sans-abrisme