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Meet Laura, our new Project Officer!

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A 23-year-old psychology student, Laura has joined the team to work as our Project Officer. She is currently on a distance learning course says she loves it because it allows her to invest time in projects close to her heart, like cafébabel, which she reads every morning, while having her breakfast.

"I like crazy." This is Laura's reply when asked to introduce herself. It complements her passion for the works of Algerian-French author Pierre Rabhi and permaculture. In short, her profile fits perfectly with the Cafébabel universe.

Laura is truly a globetrotter, guided by the desire to open up to other cultures and meeting eccentric people. After spending 10 months in Mexico, she then departed to discover India. But she has not forgotten to tick off Europe on her checklist - spending several months in Berlin.

This great traveller will now settle down in Paris to spend the next six months in our company. 

She was fortunate to begin her contract during our Shake Up seminar in Brussels, which took place last week. This allowed her to meet the entire network of local teams with whom she has already started working. Indeed, in addition to co-ordinating our EUtoo feature report project, Laura will do everything possible to support our 21 local teams, helping them to establish themselves and expand.

So, welcome Laura! As for me, I leave for university, confident that I've left my role in good hands.

Translated from Laura, notre nouvelle chargée de projet