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Media over all reasonable limits in Lithuania

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It's unbelievable! I still can't recover from the shock! The notorious nationalist daily "Respublika" had some smear campaign about the EU gender education policy. A reaction of the editor of the Catholic internet portal provoked the editor of "Respublica" to spill a bucket of virtual mud on him - I have already written about it in the blog.

However, the toothless Journalist ethic inspection did nothing against Tomkus, the editor of Respublika, and he feels like he can do as he pleases. Recently a group of intellectuals announced a public petition calling for a full boycott of "Respublika" because of its disgusting defamation (a few years earlier "Respublika" received international attention for anti-semitic cartoons). I was among those who signed the petition. What Tomkus did to the petition was simply copying the list of names, adding himself and publishing it on the more tabloid sister-newspaper of "Respublika" under his own text, i.e. claiming that these are the people who have signed against "homosexual propaganda". So, my name is under it, along with the names of many leading intellectuals (it made me reflect on who owns the right to their own name in the virtual space, as it's very easy to copy a name and claim that the person actually signed).

I'm pretty sure that journalist and law enforcement institutions will be blind to this again! They would arrest teenage website commenters, but allow large-scale fascists to thrive, unfortunately.

I'm thinking of asking for political asylum in Japan :)