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LinEa babelblog: caricatures in democracy

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Nabeelah Shabbir


A babelblog where satire is a speciality. Italian and Belgian cartoonists

©Ben Heine

The Wounded States: 'As long as satire has a place in society, there is also a place for democracy,' says Belgian cartoonist Ben Heine

Italian cartoonist Arnald on the Zimbabwean leader’s appearance at the Lisbon summit in December 2007. Robert Mugabe participates with the EU in a human rights summit/ There is nothing more to say about violence

Re-interpretation of Europe’s founding father by Armin Barducci, Bolzano

Monument for the unknown workers. The cartoon came about for Blog Action Day on 9 May, which launched the babelblog LinEa. Armin Barducci

Russia-Georgia: summer of war. For Ravenna-based Gianluca Costantini, 'satire and comics are the strongest means to comment on reality'

Published during protests in Tallinn, 26 - 27 April 2008. By the Sicilian Kanjano/Ferro duo

Translated from Quando il fumetto commenta la realtà