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Launch of the Babelblogs!

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We are proud to present babelblogs - the first European blogs which will provide a space for you to debate in a truly European way. Create your babelblog!

With babelblogs you can write your blog in several languages at once, just like on itself. Post your photos and share your videos, and be read by all Europeans.

Become babelian

Tell us who you are, how many languages you speak, what you like...and get in touch with other babelians! Create your profile and have a look at our registered members on our community platform. Once you have created your profile, you can comment on all the blogs.

Why is this a unique opportunity?

Babelblogs are European: a unique European platform for blogging. Babelblogs are multilingual: select your language and have your blog translated by other babelians Babelblogs connect Europeans : we want to get Europeans together!

Join now - and spread the word!

If you want to create your own blog on please send an email to