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Journalism and Champagne : when Cafébabel makes the show

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Journalism is an "industry" that is re-inventing itself all the time, trying to find ways and formats to communicate the topics and challenges of our time. At Cafébabel we experiment with formats as well and an event that is currently creating bubbles is our new European talk show, Brussels Bubbles. Every month, just around the corner from the European institutions, two guest journalists share with us the story behind the story of media and politics.

It's no secret that today journalism is going through an identity crisis even stronger than that of an adolescent in the middle of his or her teenage crisis. The fake news does not help. The media is increasingly under attack and mistrusted. The digital challenge leaves no choice: it is about transforming or risk disappearing. Faced with those challenges at Cafébabel we thought of giving, "live journalism" on stage, a try.

We leave aside the political correctness, to enter directly behind the scenes of power, with those we call insiders, people "from within." Rather then politicians, Cafébabel invites journalists who know the mysteries of the European bubble in order to tell stories to the public. Ambitious? For sure, the challenge of doing journalism live. To do this, your European magazine has commissioned the talents of presenter Rogier Elshout, passionate about the European scene in Brussels and a true Dutch entertainer.

The recipe is simple: two guests, a presenter and unpublished stories. The event is filled with interactive moments with the audience, to create a sparkling suspense. Recently, we received Anouk van Kampen, an NRC journalist, and Beatriz Rios, a journalist at Euractiv and El Mundo. They spoke about the role of women in journalism in Spain and their impact on society, where no less than six media outlets are run by women.

Brussels Bubbles is back this month, May 14th, for a new talkshow, in the heart of the European bubble. For this new edition, guests will be Gökşen Calışkan of Euractiv and Dutch reporter Jessica Lutz who will talk about the recent election in Istanbul. Also Elena Nicolás Sánchez, board member of The Association of European Journalists will talk about what journalists should know about coding and algorithms. Do not forget to book your ticket. We will make sure to welcome you with some Bubbles from Brussels!

Cover photo: © Alessia Capasso

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