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Inequality Unmasked: a new series on social justice in Europe

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Rosie Das

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While some stories find themselves in the spotlight, others remain in the shadows. Covid-19 has worsened social divides that already existed between people of different origins, backgrounds, or gender before the crisis. Cafébabel is exploring this problem in a new long-form series.

For a long time we at Cafébabel have been publishing stories about unique European experiences: from promoting innovative solutions to social problems to answering questions raised by citizens across the continent. In these times of crisis and uncertainty, parts of the population are suffering disproportionately from the consequences of Covid-19. We have therefore set out to report on this phenomenon in the way we've have always striven to: up close, authentically, and in the field.

We plan to make 2021 the year of Cafébabel. That's why we're starting from the offset with a new series of long-form articles. Inequality Unmasked follows individuals who are fighting against social injustice and discrimination, and campaigning for a better and more dignified quality of life. We start with three articles that bring distinctive types of social inequality in Europe to light: How can we provide distance learning to children living in Roma camps in Italy? How do we protect the health of logistics personnel when, despite sanitary risks, their employers are asking them to work more and more? How are people that struggle to read or write supposed to thrive in an increasingly digitized world?

You can read all of these stories on the Inequality Unmasked site.

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Translated from Inégalités démasquées, une nouvelle série sur la justice sociale en Europe