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In memory of those who suffered in the act of terrorism in Moscow

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I copied this edgy song from D.P.  I really liked the line "Их дети в Лондоне, все деньги на Кайманах, а что же делать нам, скажите, и куда бежать?" Those who understand Russian, listen to the song. It might sound youthfully rebellious, and it may lead you to ask, "So what?" Yet there is hardly any doubt that the observation, spat out by the rappers with words of anger, is correct.

What happened will once again serve to cement the authority of security forces and allow even less democratic limitations in their work.

Also, here's a good article about modern 'desperate terrorism': the original in Russian and a Lithuanian translation. English-Russian Google translator works surprisingly well, so those of you who don't know any of these languages most probably can translate it automatically.