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Image for Images For a Broken Wall

Images For a Broken Wall

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Lilian Pithan

BerlinBeyond the Curtain

On November 9th, 2014, Berlin has turned itself into a "Fall of the Wall Disneyland". Big film screens are everywhere, beautiful and rather kitschy, decorated with a long string of fluorescent air balloons. A peaceful day for sure, but what about the 364 days before and after it? Something to think about... in images. No comments this time.  

East Side Gallery



Palast der Republik

Bornholmer Straße



Bernauer Straße


Beyond the Curtain: 25 Years of Open Borders

25 years ago, the Iron Curtain fell. 10 years ago, eight post-Communist states became members of the European Union. But how much do we really know about our neighbours? Contact us at berlin[at] to join our reporting team.

Translated from Bilder für den Mauerfall