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I wouldn't kick him or her out of bed

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What does British actor Robert Pattinson share in common with the American (and Danish originating) actress Scarlett Johansson? Well, the majority of their European fans 'wouldn’t say no' – and would probably cover them in saliva or compare them to a chippie van, if we were to take their sayings literally

It’s a hypothetical question, but imagine if Pattinson or Johannson were to come and perch on the edge of your bed. ‘I wouldn’t say no,’ a Polish fan would purr (nim bym nie pogardziła). A German fan 'wouldn't kick him/ her out of bed’ (Die/ Den würde ich nicht von der Bettkante stossen) - a phrase you’d never dare to utter in front of a star’s face, but which makes up plenty amongst gossiping groups of friends. The slang term in English is I wouldn’t kick him/ her out of bed for eating crackers, a reference to not minding if a mess was made by eating biscuits in bed. If you want to take the imagery even further, what could be more tolerance-testing than 'I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting?'

The Spaniards would react in a similar situation with a severe bodily instinct: ‘You are so hot I would cover you in a coat of saliva’ (estás tan buena que te haría un traje de saliva). The French, food lovers, cry ‘She’s as hot as a fish and chips van’ (Elle est chaude comme une baraque à frites). Translated literally as it is, it sounds like the dodgy end of a compliment, but the phrase actually comes from a French comedy called Podium

Illustration: © Henning Studte

Translated from Heiße Pommes auf Pattinsons Bettkante