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Historical dinner live: on the menu, one president

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Tony Blair? (or David Miliband?) Herman van Rompuy? Peter Balkenende...? The culmination of a long, outdrawn and rather undemocratic process that is shaping the future of Europe is nigh; 19 November, to be precise, and the Brussels team are invited - check their blog out this evening

The Swedish PM convenes an informal summit on 19 November to put forward a candidate for each of the two European top posts. ‘It could be that a lengthy dinner at the European council actually delivers someone else,’ he announced, suggesting that the candidates that have been mentioned in the European media so far are not the only ones vying for the positions. The image it evokes is that of a bunch of statesmen enjoying a meal whilst calling out the names of the candidates they are backing. Not exactly an example of democracy in action, but arguably a fitting continuation to the ratification. In the past there have been calls for direct elections to take place to give the President a clear mandate, but to no avail…After all, why deprive the dining kingmakers from announcing their choice?

The team in Brussels report live from this historical event - check their blog which will be updated throughout the evening here