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Helping policy makers improve youth policies? With your input - yes, we can! (Paris, 10-12 December 2009)

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Boosting youth employment in times of economic crisis: that’s the topic of the 3rd meeting of AER’s Youth Regional Network, the first and only network bringing together young representatives from regional youth councils, parliaments and organisations.

 It goes without saying that youth employment is becoming more and more crucial for young people: according to statistics, in the first

quarter of 2009 youth unemployment rate in the EU (people aged 15-24) was 18,3% in comparison to the total unemployment rate of

8,2%. That is why more than 90 youngsters from the European regions will brainstorm together during two days to find creative ideas for

boosting youth employment, especially during such challenging times. Two plenary sessions, four workshops and the launch of AER

Youth Peer Review… How can education become a kick-off for professional career? How can we take advantage of work mobility without

causing brain-drain? How can we foster equal opportunities for getting into a first job? If you are a young representative from a regional parliament, council

or organisation aged between 18 and 30 years old, do not hesitate to join the debate!

If you are interested in this meeting and would like to participate, please go to: