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Guantanamo in Europe?

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Have you heard recently that Mr. Obama has a magnificent idea of sending a couple of inmates to the jails in Europe? Furthermore, most of our MEPs consider it a good idea as well! In case that the prisoner will not pose a security risk (what does this mean?), there is no doubt that Europeans will accept mostly Muslim captives that have been accused of terrorism. Somehow....

I do not feel very comfortable about it. campFirst of all, I agree with Deputy Premier Alexandr Vondra of the Czech Republic, who said cleaning up Guantanamo « is primarily a U. S. responsibility ». And it is. I do not think that the United States has ever consulted the establishment of the prison with anybody from Europe as I do not think that anybody from Europe has to do something with 11/09 investigation and as a result I do not think that anybody from Europe should take responsibility for this notorious facility. guantanamo

The thing I am afraid of is, that the decision to take one or more of the Guantanamo prisoners could trigger upheavals (riots ? ) in many places in Europe, especially those where considerable Muslim minorities live. And this is how the European Union could easily become a target of “anti-American sentiment” throughout the globe.