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Good news in the space of Vilnius

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One day I met a friend who told me that he and his friends have been practicing fire-spinning and juggling in the Sereikiskes park (in central Vilnius, near the Cathedral). I would highly recommend everyone to visit this place (they do it quite deep in the park, but it's enough to just go straight from the main gate to see them soon enough).

I particularly enjoyed seeing little children learning some juggling tricks - it's nice that they have something to do, something way better than playing computer games. Also, when I was there someone was playing an interesting drum, and everything was in such a pleasant blend with the sight of chestnut blossoms, the greenery and the warm spring evening... except the insects, but well, it can't be perfect, right?

Oh, and it's already possible to sit outside at the cafe "Rene" on Antokolskio str. 13. The fun part of it is that (1) it is on a narrow street, so people who hurry, for example, from the central palace of Vilnius University to the Institute of International Relations just walk past you, (2) their tables are covered with paper on which you can draw. Otherwise it's very expensive, but always fun to be there.

There is one gallery I've been interested in since forever, but I can't get myself to go there. Maybe now that I read about its new exhibition I should finally find some time. I'm trying to make myself a new cultural map of Vilnius. Since the Contemporary Art Centre has an exhibition with the most banal name ever (Shifting identities - this could have sounded interesting in early 90s... or... is the exhibition interesting?), I refrain from going there. The "Lithuanian press photos" exhibition at the City Hall worked only until 5. What else? Actually, it's sad to realise that I don't know anything about the cultural life of Vilnius, although I read the press. Thinking of this, I substribed to the newsletter today - it promises fresh updates on Lithuania's cultural life. We'll see if it's worth attention.