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God the mayor?

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Please, someone tell me it's a joke - the municipal government of the Vilnius region (governing rural areas around Vilnius, dominated by ethnic Poles - the Polish minority party has the majority in the council) has voted for a cession of powers to GOD (it's called, apparently, inthronisation of Christ the King).

They claim that this will help them avoid mistakes and face the challenges of the future.

So, what now, is it God to blame if the municipal govt messes thing up, which is likely?

Just listen to the arguments. The only non-Catholic council member (Russian Orthodox) said he didn't know what inthronisation means (I hadn't known the term either). So he asked some Catholic colleagues about it, and nobody knew. Then the mayor "explained" the term, and there was a priest sitting in the council meeting, so he trusted the majority.

I think it's an insult against Christians (claiming that the corrupt govt acts under God), a violation of the separation of state and church, and a shameful political masquerade altogether.