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Jaša Pipan


A dedication to the ongoing 21st Ljubljana Film Festival 10.11. - 21.11.2010, Ljubljana, SloveniaIntroduction The Ljubljana Film Festival (also known as Liffe) is one of the most accomplished annual events in Slovenia.

What was in 1990 established as a small festival grew into a festival that with unlimited faith, careful expense planning and a strive for success eventually brought to Slovenia a great number of renowned film directors such as Wenders, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Von Trier and many others.


Apart from Slovenian films screenings the festival features several rich programme sections. The section Retrospectives is the official competitive section of new authors competing for the Kingfisher award. The Avant-premieres category is reserved for successful films purchased for Slovenian distribution. The Kings and Queens category includes films from award-winning directors of contemporary cinema. World Film Panorama includes the front-runners of five continent festivals. And, finally, the Kinobalon (CinemaBaloon) section features a selection of films for children up to 14 years. Extravaganza is actually the late-night cinema, mostly with daring films tackling sensual or paranormal topics. The Retrospective, Focus and Tribute sections change each year. This year the Retrospective films feature major cities, either playing a prominent role or being firmly embedded in the storyline: Berlin, London, Paris, Rim, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Mumbai, Mexico City, Kyoto… This year's Focus is dedicated to one of the most zest national cinematographies:, the Berlin School or New German Film, and the Tribute is dedicated to two directors;, Palestinian Elia Suleiman and Filipino Brillante Mendoza. This year, a new section has been introduced. It is the Cinema-Integral section, presenting an overview of the short experimental film.


The festival presents four awards: the Kingfisher award, presented by a three-member international jury for the best film of the Perspectives section, the Audience award for the best overall film, the FIPRESCI award given by the International Federation of Film Critics and the Best Short Film Award for this year's best experimental short film.

More info on the Festival and its programme

The Festival has an exhaustive Internet page where you can get up-to-date information about all the main screenings, debates and accompanying events. The festival also has a Facebook fan page ( which is unfortunately only updated in Slovene. The festival's headquarters are situated in the Cultural Centre Cankarjev Dom in the center of Ljubljana where visitors are welcomed by a highly efficient staff always ready to help with any additional information needed.

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