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Flying University or how to become pilot of your studies

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The program of Flying University

On the 13th of September in Y gallery in Minsk have been held the presentation of the program of  Flying University for 2013-2014 years.

The presentation itself have been made on a good level and every one of the future students could easily come to one of the course leaders and ask them properly all the information they needed. In Belarus this Flying University is a unique program that can help to broaden the borders of people's knowledge and specialization, because as we can see not every studying program can fit the needs of the nowadays students who live in  VUCA  period. The unique and innovative feature of the Flying University is that it does not reproduce the standard forms of educational sphere arrangements. The team of FU has created  individualised and unique schools and directions of thoughts, where methodological thinking has become one of important actors on the stage. The mental set ‘Think Belarus’ is being also  promoted in the  ideas of the courses and it revive the interest of the people to their own culture.

The program offers basic and thematic courses, including:"Systems Approach" (V.Matskevich), "Mathematical language"of thinking" (M.Lyavonay), "Philosophy" (Belarusian philosophical space), "Belarusian thought of the twenty century" (I.Babkov), "Conservatism as a political and intellectual tradition" (A. Kazakevitch), "Multi-dimensional measurement in social research" (A.Baradachova). There will be several schools of famous belarusian cultural figures and highbrows: Bible School of Irina Dubenetskaya, D2 of  Michael Anempadystava, Unpattern Design of  Igor Gerasimenko, Literary Readings with Valentin Akudovich.

The program provides a full range of workshops, in which during the year will be considered and worked through issues and problems of the society, the public opinion of European values, communications and methodology.

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