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First Night in Brussels

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Jude Lister


Another great evening for us people on the San Sebastian Train. The place we’re staying at in Brussels is a kind of warehouse used for theatre- and filmmakers. Its two spaces feel like a big toy store with loads of light and sound equipment laying around and props everywhere - there’s a huge electronic car racetrack. The one you always dreamed of as a little boy but never got to have.

We were treated to a private jazz concert after dinner followed by the screening of Little Baby Jesus of Flanders. It was beamed on a huge screen, with a great soundsystem (this place is just awesome). The D.O.P. of the film, Hans Bruch, was here too, for a discussion afterwards. The evening was concluded with some dancing. Until the neighbours complained.

Then we slept very cosily indeed…

Things change very quick on this journey. We expected to be editing all day, but just before going to bed, we got a phone call to come and film today. So in a few minutes, when I finish writing this, we’ll be off for another hectic day of shooting.

By Sander Lopes.Cardoso

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